Protecting your privacy

This privacy policy lays out how any information we collect about you is used or shared.

This website is and the person responsible for this privacy policy is Gary Fletcher. You can contact him a at if you wish to discuss this policy.

We are passionate about privacy and we will make all reasonable efforts to protect yours. However you should bear in mind that the Internet is an extremely insecure medium and you should never send any information to any website over it which is important or personally identifying unless you have a very good reason to do so.

Your rights to privacy

You are entitled to know what information we collect about you, and what we do with this information. You are also entitled to request a copy of any of this information; to insist that we put right any information which is incorrect; and to request that it be deleted from our computer systems.


Like most other websites we may use cookies on this site in the future, but if we do they will be used only to assist in the functionality of the website. They will not be used to gather any data of any kind about you.

Links to other websites

We may carry hyperlinks on this website to other sites which have information which we believe may be interesting to you. These websites may also offer products or services that you can purchase in which we may receive a commission for. At no time will any commission that we are paid affect the price that you pay for these goods or services.

We have to stress that these websites are entirely different entities to our own and that they have, therefore, different privacy policies so we advise that you check these before making any kind of use of these websites.

What information we collect

We do not directly collect any information which can be linked to any individual visitor. We can only obtain information like this if it is given voluntarily by the visitor, in the form of an email, text message or telephone call. If we are contacted in any of these ways we will store whatever information is necessary for replying to queries. If you were to contact us, for instance, by email we would receive your email address, and then presumably your name and any other information that you chose to send us. This information can be used to personally identify you.

Generic information that we collect

When you visit a website your browser transmit certain information to the Web server that hosts that website. This information includes your IP address that your Internet service provider has given you (usually temporarily), and other information about your browser, operating system, the pages on our website that you have visited, and the device that you used to contact us. All of this information is generic only and cannot be used to identify you.

How we use information that we collect

Personally identifiable information is used only to answer any queries that our visitors may raise. Information that cannot be used to identify you is used for statistical purposes to help us ensure that our website is working correctly, and to help us make any improvements we feel are necessary.

Sale of your information

We will not pass on any information at all to any other person or business entity for financial gain. We may however pass on information if it is obvious to us that we are legally obliged to do so, or if we are instructed to do so by a legal entity.

Disputes or questions about our privacy policy

If you are not happy about this policy in any way you are invited to contact Gary Fletcher at to discuss it.

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